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Master's in Education

Offered Online

Program Description:

This major is designed to provide candidates with educational experiences in the principles, theories, and practice of English second language acquisition, learning, and teaching. It seeks to prepare educators to assume positions of leadership in ESOL education as teachers in public schools. Students must comply with state and local requirements or limitations to practice the ESOL profession in Texas. Graduate students must achieve a passing score in the ESOL subject area test to be certified. In addition to this test, students must achieve a passing score on the Texas exam requirements for certification prior to internship experience. The program focuses on the Texas State ESOL standards and requirements.

The practicum in teaching provides students with field experiences to demonstrate mastery in a school setting during the regular school year. Students must make arrangements to comply with state and local internship requirements during a regular school day schedule. The internship experience is in English only. Students must demonstrate English language proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The student must refer to the Internship Handbook available from the Academic Director for specific requirements and procedures.

*Offered in Spanish or English.