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The information contended in this document regarding fees, tuition costs, deposits, reimbursements, etc., applies to all undergraduate, and graduate students. The Board of Directors approves tuition costs at all levels. The information included in this document does not represent a contract between the University and the student. Due to changing situations, it may be necessary to alter the fees and tuition costs before the publication of the next catalog. Once a year, the Vice President of Financial Affairs publishes a brochure with information about the tuition costs for all the academic programs, as well as other fees that apply.

Cost Per Credit


  • For aditional information, please refer to our catalogs.

Undergraduate Nursing and Allied Health Programs$476.00*

  • *All courses with the courses prefixes


  • For aditional information, please refer to our catalogs.

Laboratory and Services Fees

NURS 201OL $290

NURS 203OL $185

NURS 303OL, 304OL, 305OL, 404OL $155

NURS 407 $500

A laboratory fee of $125.00 per course will be paid for all courses with a laboratory requisite.

The institution has a technology fee for each academic term. The fee amount is described as follows:

Fall Term: $260.00

Spring Term: $260.00

Summer Term: $130.00

Please note that in attending any institution, you will need to allow for other expenses, such as books and supplies, transportation, meals, and other personal needs. A variety of financial aid packages are available. Tuition, fees, and service charges must be paid in full during registration or at the time the student requests services. Payments can be made in cash, personal check, certified or manager’s check, money order, or credit cards such as American Express, Visa or Master Card. Receipts for all transactions must be requested and retained, and presented with any claim or adjustment requested. The Bursar’s Office will not accept claims without receipts.

Cost of Attendance

Undergraduate Program

CODE Lives with Parents Outside Campus
BKSU $1,652.00 $1,652.00
MISC $2,500.00 $2,500.00
RMBO $5,990.00 $8,490.00
TRAN $2,548.00 $2,548.00
TUFE $10,060.00 $10,060.00
Total $22,750.00 $25,220.00

Graduate Program

CODE Lives with Parents Outside Campus
BKSU $1,152.00 $1,152.00
MISC $1,864.00 $1,864.00
RMBO $9,635.00 $10,635.00
TRAN $1,900.00 $1,900.00
TUFE $5,956.00 $5,956.00
Total $20,507.00 $21,507.00

Other Fees

Fee Amount
Graduation Fee $90.00
ID Duplicate $5.00
Returned Check Fee $15.00
Transcript $6.00
Diploma Duplicate $25.00
Administrative Graduation $35.00
Graduation Certification $5.00
Challenge Exam 50% Credit Cost

*Laboratory Fees include other elements including but not limited to Laboratory Supplies, Electronic Simulation Tools, among others.

All tuition, general fees and service charges are subject to change.