Our Campus Serves as a Registration Center for Hispanic Voters

As part of Hispanic Voting Incentive activities, the Ana G. Méndez University System, South Florida Precinct, opened its doors to the community to serve as a registration center for Hispanic voters and to encourage the Hispanic community to sign up and reinforce the message of the importance of voting in the November 2016 elections.

According to sources of communication, 18% of eligible voters in the state of Florida are of Hispanic origin; which positions the state as the third largest potential Latino voter in the nation.

Of the new voters that will now be in 2016, 43% are from minorities, reflecting a growth greater than their number in the population. While most of the new Hispanic voters are US-born youth, only 26% of Hispanic voter growth is by naturalization.

Aware of their public function and as leaders in the Hispanic community, SUAGM, in collaboration with the Florida Inmmigrant Coalition and Dreamers Moms, achieved the registration of 300 voters, including students, associates, faculty, and the community at large.