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Master’ in Education

*Offered in Spanish, English, Bilingual.

Program Description

The program provides preparation and development for professionals to advise individuals in post-secondary institutions, businesses and community organizations in the advancement of their education, professional development and career planning. The program provides graduates with the background in principles, theories, and practice of advising and general counseling. Graduates from this program will be able to interact and establish relationships allowing them to work in situations that require skills in effective communication, career development, conflict management, problem solving and decision-making. Graduates will have the opportunity to apply interdisciplinary knowledge about human needs and social, economic, and cultural impacts to advise individuals in their life transitions in educational, profit, non-profit, and government settings. The graduates will be prepared to collaborate with diverse stakeholders; manage programs to best meet needs of individuals, and communicate recommendations regarding care, resources, and services.

The curriculum includes 100 hours of practicum experience in the field of the required 36 credits. Practicum locations will be based on student’s area of interest and must be approved.

This program is not designed to meet licensure requirements for the social work and counseling professions.