Master in Education (M.Ed.)

39 Credits

Program Description:

This major is designed to provide candidates with educational experiences in the principles, theories, and practice of English second language acquisition, learning, and teaching. It seeks to prepare educators to assume positions of leadership in ESOL education as teachers in public schools. Students must comply with state and local requirements or limitations to practice the ESOL profession in Texas. Graduate students must achieve a passing score in the ESOL subject area test to be certified. In addition to this test, students must achieve a passing score on the Texas exam requirements for certification prior to internship experience. The program focuses on the Texas State ESOL standards and requirements.

The practicum in teaching provides students with field experiences to demonstrate mastery in a school setting during the regular school year. Students must make arrangements to comply with state and local internship requirements during a regular school day schedule. The internship experience is in English only. Students must demonstrate English language proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The student must refer to the Internship Handbook available from the Academic Director for specific requirements and procedures.

Program Objectives

Upon completion of the program, the student will develop:

  1. knowledge and understanding of the theories, goals, and research on ESOL education
  2. knowledge and understanding of ESOL curriculum development, theories and applications
  3. knowledge and understanding of the process of English language development and language acquisition
  4. knowledge of the ESOL classroom-based language assessment strategies and will demonstrate application of those strategies
  5. knowledge and understanding of methods of teaching ESOL
  6. knowledge of specific strategies for teaching reading in a bilingual setting to limited English proficient (LEP) students and demonstrate application of these strategies
  7. knowledge and understanding of brain based research and cognitive psychology as it relates to language learning and acquisition
  8. knowledge of specific strategies for developing communicative competencies in LEP students
  9. knowledge and understanding of ESOL strategies to integrate cognitive and affective learning
  10. understanding of specific cultural idiosyncrasies that impact student linguistic and academic success
  11. knowledge of English writing strategies
  12. knowledge and understanding of ESOL educational research and its relevance to the instructional process

Program Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  1. Develop ESOL classroom research projects.
  2. Develop lesson plans for the teaching of reading and writing using different strategies.
  3. Design ESOL curriculum units for LEP students.
  4. Develop ESOL performance portfolio assessments projects.
  5. Conduct ESOL workshops.
  6. Develop community projects within a diverse population.
  7. Communicate adequately in English both orally and in writing.

Education Program Requirements:

Students must comply with all State and school district requirements for their degree area. Additionally, the must show evidence of a passing score on the State applicable TExES exam to include bilingual education requirements, as applicable. This program requires a Bachelor of Arts in Education and experience in the public educational system. For information about requirements and certifications students must visit the site of Texas Education Administration, graduates must meet the certification requirements set forth by the Texas Education Administration and Department of Education.

EDUC 501-O Principles and Development of Curriculum in ESOL

EDUC 512-O Innovations and Education in ESOL

EDUC 550-O Second Language Acquisition

EDUC 551-O Reading Processes in a Second Language Setting

EDUC 553-O ESOL Curriculum and Materials Development

EDUC 555-O Development of Communication Skills in English

EDUC 566-O Methods of Teaching English as a Second Language

EDUC 567-O Cross-Cultural Communication and Understanding

EDUC 564-O Applied Linguistics for ESOL Teachers

EDUC 569-O Testing and Evaluation of ESOL

EDUC 604-O Knowledge Integration Seminar in ESOL

EDUC 600-O Educational Research Methods in ESOL

EDUC 617-O ESOL Seminar in a School Setting (Internship)