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Master of Sciences in Nursing (MSN)

51 Credits

Program Description:

Master of Science Degree in Nursing with a Family Nurse Practitioner Specialty and Graduate Professional Certificate with a Family Nurse Practitioner Specialty. Students are taught through a holistic perspective with a multidisciplinary and collaborative focus throughout the life span of the patient. Students are exposed to educational activities that will prepare them to increase health promotion, preventive health, and provide primary care services. Students will contribute to decrease morbidity and mortality in medically underserved, low-income populations both globally and in the United States.

Program Objectives:

  1. Utilize national primary care guidelines and standards to promote high quality health care services.
  2. Participate in the generation, application, and dissemination of research.
  3. Participate in planning, development, and implementation of community health programs.
  4. Utilize research to enhance the quality of health care.
  5. Provide health promotions and disease prevention.
  6. Maintain collaborative relationship with other health cares professions.
  7. Participate in continuing education through differerent methodologies, including online courses.
  8. Maintain proficiency in computer skills and information technologies.
  9. Participate in legislative and policy-making activities which influence health care.
  10. Develop grant/proposal writing skills.

Note: Students must pass a criminal background check in order to participate in some clinical settings and to meet the Board of Nursing Standards to become licensed.

Admission Requirements:

  • Hold a Bachelor of Science of Nursing.
  • GPA. 3.00.
  • Basic statistics course at the baccalaureate level (3crs).
  • Active Florida Professional Nursing License.
  • Complete an Interview process with the coordinator of the program or his/her representative.
  • Submit three letters of recommendation.
  • Submit evidence of credits at the Nursing Bachelor’s Degree with the admissions forms.


The (BSN and MSN-FNP Programs) at (Universidad del Turabo-SUAGM) are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE): One Dupont Circle, NW, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036, (202) 887-6791.

NURS 500-O Theoretical Foundations of Advanced Practice Nursing

NURS 501-O Public Health Policies, Ethics and Systems

NURS 502-O Nursing Science and the Research Process

NURS 503-O Nursing Research Project: From Proposal to Publication

NURS 505-O Health Promotion and Disease Prevention: Transcultural Considerations

HESC 500-O Statistics Applied to Clinical Research

NURS 504-O Advanced History Taking and Physical Assessment

NURS 506-O Advanced Pathophysiology

NURS 507-O Advanced Pharmacology

NURS 508-O Diagnostic and Differential Diagnosis

NURS 509-O Pharmacology for FNP's

NURS 510-O Primary Care I

NURS 510-OL Primary Care I Laboratory (Concurrent with NURS 510-O)

NURS 511-O Primary Care II

NURS 511-OL Primary Care II Laboratory (Concurrent with NURS 511-O)

NURS 512-O Primary Care III

NURS 512-O Primary Care III Laboratory (Concurrent with NURS 512-O)

NURS 513-O Residency

NURS 513-OL Residency Laboratory

CRJU 600-O The Victim: Crime, Practices and Society

CRJU 640-O Addiction Problems: Legal and Psychosocial Aspects

HURM 732-O Occupational Health and Safety