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Associate of Applied Science

64 Credits

Program Description:

The Program of Associate Applied Science (AAS) in Pharmacy Technician aspires to develop students with the knowledge and skills to performas as an important component of the teamwork of a pharmacy. The students will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge through didactic courses directed to know the most important aspects of this field. The program will also provide the opportunity to develop the techniques and skills that will enable the student to work with a high level of competence.

The Pharmacy Technician is the professional that helps the Pharmacist to dispatch medicaction prescribed by the doctor, under the supervision of the authorized Pharmacist. The auxiliary is qualified to work in the hospital pharmacy, community pharmacy, as well as any other licensed distributor of pharmaceutical products.

The dispatch of meds implies a series of activities in sequence that consists among others in: taking care of the patient; receive and interpret the received prescription; select the product; as well as the appropriate delivery package; to verify dose; to prepare simple solutions, ointments and other pharmaceutical preparations; to carry out suitable labeling using computerized systems and computation of prices.

Graduate Profile/ Outcomes

  1. Academically prepared and capable of performing in his work environment and contribute to the health of individuals by performing to the highest professional standards of the Pharmacy Technician.
  2. Will be knowledgeable of laws, regulations and conduct of his pharmacy technician practice and his ethical responsibilities.
  3. Facilitate and work effectively with License Pharmacy to insure proper dispensations of prescription to clients and general public.

Admission Requirements

  1. HS GPA 2.0 or equivalent in the GED.

SPAN 115-O Reading, Writing and Oral Communication in Spanish I

QYLE 110-O Attitude Development and University Adaptation. (Must be taken within the 1st term of enrollment.)

ENGL 115-O College Reading and Writing I

MATH 120-O Introduction to Algebra

PHAR 210-O Pharmaceutical Calculations I

PHAR 211-O Pharmaceutical Calculations II

PHAR 212-O Pharmacy Administration

PHAR 226-O Pharmacotherapy for Pharmacy Technicians I

PHAR 227-O Pharmacotherapy for Pharmacy Technicians II

PHAR 228-O Pharmacotherapy for Pharmacy Technicians III

PHAR 230-O Pharmaceutical Technology I

PHAR 230-OL Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology I

PHAR 231-O Pharmaceutical Technology II

PHAR 231-OL Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology II

PHAR 233-O Posology

PHAR 250-O Hospital Pharmacy

PHAR 251-O Prescription Dispensing & Pharmaceutical Specialties I

PHAR 252-O Prescription Dispensing and Pharmaceutical Specialties II

PHAR 255-O Pharmaceutical Legislation

PHAR 256-O Supervised Practice in Pharmacy I

PHAR 257-O Supervised Practice in Pharmacy II

PHAR 258-O Practicum Seminar