Bachelor of Science (BS)

130 Credits

Program Description:

This bachelor program is ideal for those students who want to manage its own business, restaurant or kitchen. This program will combine the professional and concentration courses of culinary arts and the managerial function required to operate and manage a kitchen or restaurant. Emphasis is given in cost control and increasing profits. Practicum experiences of 650 hours are required in restaurant, convention centers or hotel settings.

QYLE 110-O Attitude Development and University Adaptation

MATH 120-O Introduction to Algebra

ENGL 115-O English Reading and Writing I

ENGL 116-O English Reading and Writing II

SPAN 115-O Writing and Oral Communication in Spanish I

SPAN 116-O Reading, Writing, and Communication in Spanish II

ENGL 331-O Public Speaking

SPAN 255-O Spanish for Writing and Research

SOSC 111-O Individual, Community, Government, and Social Responsibility I

SOSC 112-O Individual, Community, Government, and Social Responsibility II

HIST 273-O History of the United States of America

COMP 110-O Computer Software

HMNG 101-O Introduction to Hospitality Industry

HMNG 201-O Food and Beverage Management

HMNG 207-O Basic Wines, Beers and Spirits

HMNG 211-O Hospitality Ethics

HMNG 220-O Purchasing and Menu Development

HMNG 259-O Hospitality Accounting

HMNG 280-O Guest Services

HMNG 290-O Spreadsheet & Database Applications

HMNG 347-O Hospitality Human Resources Management

HMNG 350-O Cost Control for Hospitality

HMNG 360-O Hospitality Finance

HMNG 365-O Hospitality Law

HMNG 370-O Hospitality Sales & Marketing

HMNG 380-O Restaurant & Catering Concept Development

CHEF 104-O Meat Cutting (Lab)

CHEF 105-O Food Preparation I (Lab)

CHEF 107-O Food Preparation II (Lab)

CHEF 116-O Culinary Arts Basic Components

CHEF 200-O Baking I (Lab)

CHEF 202-O Garde Manger & Buffet Preparation

CHEF 204-O Culinary Nutrition

ServSafe Seminar

CHEF 206-O Baking II (Lab)

CHEF 213-O International Cuisine I

CHEF 214-O International Cuisine II

CHEP 231-O Culinary Practicum (350 Hours)

HFBP 450-O Practicum In Food & Beverage Management (300 Hours)

CAPC 452-O Restaurant Management Capstone