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Master of Education (M.Ed.)

42 Credits

Program Description:

This Master of Education in Bilingual Education program is designed to provide the skills knowledge and abilities necessary in the area of bilingual teaching in a culturally diverse environment. Students in Master’s Degree Programs in Education must have educational background and experience in a school setting.

This program is geared towards the fundamental characteristics of a bilingual teacher providing emphasis on the teaching of language and content through the use of research based practices under the bilingual education guidelines and regulations. Also, it will provide knowledge on best proven practices, approaches, theories, and techniques that will make them capable of helping non-English speaking students succeed in their academics while helping them develop their language skills.

This Master’s level program provides technical knowledge in specific areas such as Multiculturalism, Bilingual Education Practices, Bilingual Teaching Methods, Learning Styles, Diversity in the Classroom, Social Aspects in Bilingual Education, Literacy in two languages, and Academic Success in the Classroom. Students in this program will be given the opportunity to apply this knowledge in the design of curriculum, activities, strategies and methods that will help them in acquiring the experience needed to best implement a bilingual program assuring the student success.

The program focuses in the application of language and content instruction, differentiating instruction to meet the needs of the diverse students, the promotion of multiculturalism in the classroom, and the appreciation of other cultures as a mean of instruction.

The program in bilingual education offers courses in social foundations, curriculum development, language, content and culture, language acquisition, methods of teaching bilingual education, theoretical foundations of Bilingual Education, and research methods applied to bilingual education issues. The students in this program will be capable of making instructional decisions in order to meet the needs of students who are struggling academically due to the acquisition of a second language. Every student in this program will complete courses in:

  1. Social Foundations of Education
  2. Bilingual/Bicultural Education
  3. Research Methods applied to Bilingual/Bicultural Education
  4. Field Experience Internship in the area of Bilingual and Second Language Education

These courses will provide students with a broad knowledge of bilingual education, language acquisition and content learning, research based methods, approaches, and techniques that will give them the tools needed to meet the needs of the fast growing Hispanic student population of Texas.

Program Objectives

Develop and form new highly skill bilingual teachers with high quality standards in bilingual education and biliteracy who are qualified to teach in a multicultural environment and who is sensitive to the educational needs of the Hispanic student population.

Graduates from the Master’s Degree in Bilingual Education will be able to function in a culturally and linguistically diverse environment. Graduates from this program will also be able to contribute to the efforts made by schools in meeting the needs of the fast growing Hispanic population. Graduates from the M.Ed. in Bilingual Education will be capable of assessing the needs of their students to design instructional activities and programs that will strengthen and increase the student’s ability to develop linguistically and academically.

The program will develop bilingual professionals with the vision to implement innovative and creative educational strategies and programs that will benefit the Hispanic population.

The graduates will know the importance of integrity and ethics in the performance of their teaching functions with special attention to the needs of the Hispanic student population and the social responsibilities of the entire school community to assure compliance with the state of Texas statutes and regulations.

The program will provide the knowledge and skills necessary to develop bilingual teachers who are capable of identifying the needs of their students and design curricular activities that will best work with these students in order to help them achieve the maximum level of success in their academics.

Education Program Requirements:

Students must comply with all State and school district requirements for their degree area. Additionally, the must show evidence of a passing score on the State teacher exam to include bilingual education requirements, as applicable.

The practicum in teaching provides students with field experiences to demonstrate Educator Accomplished Practices in a bilingual school setting during the regular school year. Students must be aware that the internship is performed during a regular school day schedule. The internship experience for this program is in both English and Spanish. Students must demonstrate English and Spanish language proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing and must comply with state and local regulations. The Academic Director will coordinate placement in a school that provides teaching in both languages. The student must refer to the Internship Handbook available from the Integrated Services Director for specific requirements and procedures.

SCFG 508-O Education and Society

SCFG 503-O Human Development and Learning: The Early Years and Elementary

SCFG 506-O Human Development and Learning: Secondary

EDBE 502-O Bilingual-Bicultural Curriculum Development

EDBE 504-O Language, Literacy and Culture

EDBE 525-O Biliteracy, Language, and Content in Bilingual Education

EDBE 566-O First and Second Language Acquisition

EDBE 524-O Methods of ESOL Literacy and Language Development Applied to Content Areas

EDBE 506-O Sociopolitical and Historical Perspectives in Bilingual Education

EDBE 526-O Theoretical Foundations of Bilingual Education and ESOL

EDBE 510-O Introduction to Research: Purposes, Issues, and Methodologies

EDBE 520-O Research Methods in Bilingual and Second Language Education

EDBE 697-O Field Experiences in Bilingual and Second Language Education* (Internship Practicum of 12 weeks, 20 hours a week)