Master of Science (MS)

42 Credits

Program Description:

The Educational Leadership program is designed to prepare future school administrators with the skills and competencies needed to become outstanding bilingual leaders in public educational institutions at K-12. Students must comply with state and local requirements or limitations to practice the profession. *This major is for education certified students with experience in the educational field only. Educational leadership students must pass the State of Texas requirements prior to being assigned to a school for a principal internship.

Program Objectives

Upon completion of the program, the student will possess:

  • Knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary for successful school leadership.
  • Ability to be proactive and decisive with a moral, and ethical commitment to the school’s mission.
  • Cognitive and communication skills necessary to accomplish change.
  • Flexibility in using decision making and motivational strategies for effectively managing time, resources, and personnel.

Note: This program requires a Bachelor of Arts in Education and experience in the public educational system..

Education Program Requirements:

Students must comply with all State and school district requirements for their degree area. Additionally, the must show evidence of a passing score on the State teacher exam to include bilingual education requirements, as applicable.

EDUG 605-O Public School Curriculum and Instruction

EDAG 650-O Human Relations, Organizational Climate and the learning environment In Educational Institutions

EDAG 657-O Human Resources Management and Development in Educational Leadership

EDAG 640-O Development of Leadership in Education, Theories, and Application

EDAG 641-O The Leader and the Learning Communities

EDUG 611-O Evaluation, Measurement, and Assessment of the Teaching Learning Processes

EDAG 644-O Technology for School Administrators

EDAG 651-O Public School Law, Labor Relations, and Ethical Leadership

EDAG 652-O Budget and Financial Systems in Educational Organizations at the School Level

EDUG 535-O Action Research Evaluation

EDAG 662-O Multicultural Education for School Administrators

*TESL 522-O Theory and Practice of Teaching ESOL Students in Schools

EDAD 670-O Internship – Practice in Educational Leadership: K-12* (Requires a passing score on the FELE and Internship Coordinator’s Approval)

EDAD 663-O Conflict Resolution for Educational Leaders