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Master of Science in Public Affairs (MSPA)

39 Credits

Offered at the Metro Orlando, and South Florida Branch Campuses.

Program Description:

The program trains professionals to assume a multitude of roles such as analysts, evaluators, and planners in the public administration field in both the public and private sectors within the various Criminal Justice fields. The academic and professional orientation of the program enables the student to analyze the doctrines and principles of public administration that are involved in the implementation of public policy.

As a result, of the seminar and field projects emphasizing application of concepts and analytical tools to the real problems of our present day society, the program prepares students for positions of high responsibility in the public affairs fields. The program also focuses on the political, economic and organizational aspects of developing, implementing and evaluating public policy.

The program will be built upon the current Bachelor Program in Criminal Justice offered in both campuses. The MSPA in Criminal Justice will offer courses in Ethics, Administration, Planning, and Developing the Criminal Justice System, from Philosophy of Punishment to Correctional Program Administration. The students will learn new tendencies in the administration and evaluation of the system that affect local, state and nationwide programs.

Program Objectives

  1. Offer students a quality education giving them the necessary professional tools to meet the challenges of public administration and public policy implementation within the area of Criminal Justice.
  2. Develop competent bilingual professionals with outstanding leadership skills in the implementation of programs, policies and services in Florida.
  3. Upgrade the professional and academic preparation of administrative personnel working in public and private agencies, enabling them to explore and utilize effective strategies in the decision making process.
  4. The program will create professionals who will know and recognize the importance of integrity and ethics in the performance of their functions.
  5. The program will provide the knowledge and skills necessaries in the finance area for the effective management of fiscal resources.
  6. Graduates from the MSPA in Criminal Justice will be capable to excel in a constantly changing legal system full of new technologies and increasing demands as part of our multi-cultural society.
  7. Graduates from the MSPA in Criminal Justice will know and understand the theories behind our Criminal Justice System, which will allow them to master and fully engage in the multidisciplinary processes within the system.
  8. Graduates from the MSPA in Criminal Justice will be able to understand and practice basic principles and research methods that will guide them to excel in the different available practice fields.

MSPA 500-O Theory, Practice, and Change in the Administration of Public Policy

MSPA 505-O Computer Education for Public Administrators

MSPA 510-O Research and Quantitative Method in Public Administration

MSPA 520-O Administrative Law and Ethics

MSPA 530-O Planning and Evaluation: Theories, Methods, and Techniques

MSPA 540-O Seminar: Planning, Development, and Evaluation of Human Resources

MSPA 550-O Fiscal Resources Management

CRJU 500-O Foundations, Practice and Changes in the Administration of the Criminal Justice System

CRJU 520-O Philosophy of Punishment

CRJU 565-O Seminar: Program Design and Evaluation in the Criminal Justice System

CRJU 715-O Seminar: Special Situations in the Administration of Correctional Programs/p>

CHOOSE ONE OF THESE COURSES – 3 credits to complete 15 credits of the specialization courses

MSPA 710-O Research Seminar in Criminal Justice

MSPA 720-O Internship

CRJU 505-O Fundamental Principles of Law

CRJU 510-O Law and Society

CRJU 540-O The Police and Judicial Changes

CRJU 575-O Rehabilitation and Delinquent Treatment Programs

CRJU 600-O Seminar: Crime, Victims, and Society

CRJU 630-O Organizations and Administrative Techniques of the Police System

CRJU 635-O Mental Health and the Law

CRJU 640-O Addiction: Legal and Psycho-Social Aspects

CRJU 645-O Comparative Correctional Systems

CRJU 650-O Special Laws in Criminal Justice Administration

CRJU 730-O Criminality, Crime Control, and Criminal Justice