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Bachelor of Sciences in Community Health (BSCH)

120 Credits

Program Description:

The Community Health Bachelor’s program will prepare students for careers in a variety of community and public health settings, including governmental and non-profit health agencies, health care facilities, worksite wellness programs, program research and development, and schools. Graduates will be able to promote healthy lifestyles and wellness through informing and educating individuals and communities about behaviors that promote healthy living and prevent injury, disease, and illness; plan, implement and evaluate health programs; develop effective and culturally competent health promotion and disease prevention strategies; apply statistics and research methods to population health and community health program evaluations, and advocate for community health initiatives at local, state and federal levels.

The curriculum includes coursework addressing the seven CHES competencies as identified by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing (NCHEC) and the five core areas of public health as identified by Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH).

Knowledge and skills in the BSCH program include comprehension of basic community health content related to health care systems; public health; health disparities; health education resources; communications and instructional methods; health and wellness promotion; disease and injury prevention; behavioral health education; epidemiology; trauma; community health research; strategic management of health programs, cultural competency, and community health issues and advocacy.

  1. Prepare entry level BSCH Community Health professionals for successful employment and graduate studies;
  2. Foster a high degree of professionalism as a supporting member of the health interdisciplinary team;
  3. Produce graduates with the ability to apply practical knowledge in the workplace and willing to continuously develop skills throughout their health career.
  4. To respond to society’s demand for human resources with skills in the field of community health.
  5. To facilitate the student’s integral development by providing learning experiences oriented towards the development of cognitive, affective and psycho-motor skills, according to the description of the program of study.

BSCH Graduate Profile:

  1. Base practice on current knowledge, theory, and research.
  2. Assume responsibility and accountability for practice.
  3. Form partnerships with patients and with other health care professionals.
  4. Serve as a member and leader within interdisciplinary health care professionals.
  5. Communicate, collaborate, and negotiate.
  6. Practice across a variety of settings and with diverse populations.
  7. Access, assemble, and evaluate health information.
  8. Teach patients.
  9. Advocate for patients within the health care delivery system.
  10. Delegate and supervise patient care activities.
  11. Allocate and manage physical, fiscal, and human resources.
  12. Evaluate nursing outcomes.
  13. Participate in research and utilize research findings.
  14. Assume responsibility for lifelong learning and plan for professional career development.
  15. Participate in political and regulatory processes.
  16. Participate in shaping the health care delivery system.

Admission Requirements:

  1. High School Graduation Diploma or its equivalent.
  2. The applicant must provide evidence for 2 years of work experience.
  3. Minimum GPA. 2.50

ENGL 115-O College Reading and Writing I

ENGL 116-O College Reading and Writing II

ENGL 331-O Public Speaking

SPAN 115-O Reading Writing and the Oral Communication in Spanish I

SPAN 116-O Reading Writing and the Oral Communication in Spanish II

SPAN 255-O Spanish for Writing and Research

MATH 111-O Intermediate Algebra I

MATH 112-O Intermediate Algebra II

SOSC 111-O Individual, Community, Government, and Social Responsibility I

SOSC 112-O Individual, Community, Government and Social Responsibility II

HUMA 101-O World Cultures I

QYLE 110-O Attitude Development and University Adaptation (Must be taken in the 1st Semester)

PSYC 123-O General Psychology (Compendium)

BIOL 103-O Biology for Health Sciences

COMP 110-O Computer and Software

BIOL 303-O Human Biology I

PSYC 228-O Diversity Psychology

BIOL 303-OL Human Biology I Laboratory

HESC-201-O Statistics for Health Sciences

COHE 201-O Healthcare Systems, Policy & Politics

COHE 202-O Health Law and Ethics

COHE 203-O Introduction to Public & Community Health

COHE 204-O Infectious Disease, Epidemiology & Prevention

COHE 205-O Health Disparities

COHE 206-O Community Health, Work, Education & Communications

COHE 207-O Community Health Education

COHE 301-O Community Health Leadership

COHE 302-O Behavioral Health Education

COHE 303-O Trauma & Psychological Perspectives

COHE 304-O Instructional Methods & Culturally Component Community Health Work

COHE 305-O Assessment, Planning, and Evaluation of Health Programs

COHE 306-O Human Sexuality & Reproductive Health

COHE 401-O Health Promotion & Disease Prevention I

COHE 402-O Health Promotion & Disease Prevention II

COHE 403-O Community Health Research Design

COHE 404-O Field Experience-Community Health Services

COHE 405-O Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) Certification Preparation