Our University consists of five campuses across the Continental U.S: Metro Orlando Campus. South Florida Campus. Tampa Bay Campus. Capital Area Campus.Dallas Area Campus.

Who We Are

The Ana G. Mendez University is a not for profit institution in operations since 1949. With approximately 40,000 students it is the largest private university in Puerto Rico. In 2003, the Ana G. Mendez University opened the Metro Orlando Campus in the state of Florida offering bachelors and master’s degree programs from its universities in one campus. Nowadays, the Ana G. Méndez University is recognized for serving Hispanic adult students in the Continental United States with five campuses operating in the states of Florida, Maryland, Texas and the District of Columbia.

Bilingual Faculty

Get to Know the First Higher Education Dual Language Program for Adults in the Nation


Higher Education

First higher education dual language program for adults in the nation.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is available for students who qualify.

Instructional Design

Instructional design is based on the best practices of the Discipline-Based Dual Language Immersion Model ®.

Placement Tests

Language placement tests are administered to determine student's skill levels in English and Spanish

50% English and 50% Spanish

50/50 structured instructional approach.


Students have access to E-lab services to help improve language and academic skills.

Our Courses

Courses are generally offered in 5, 8, 10 and 15 week sessions.

Year-Round Enrollment

Our enrollment is throughout the whole year.

Applied Curriculum

Curriculum integrates the students' professional experiences into classroom activities.

Course Validation

We validate courses from foreign institutions. Previous credits that are not obsolete will not expire.

Course Equivalency

Credit equivalency from foreign academic institutions is evaluated and may be accepted for admission.

Course Credit

Credit for courses may be obtained through challenge exams of portfolio presentation.