Students’ Academic Requirements, Regulations and Services


Undergraduate General Admission (Daytime / Online)

Admission Requirements:

Students applying for the regular undergraduate program must meet the following requirements:

  1. High School Graduation Diploma or its equivalent (GED).

Admissions Process – All applicants are required to:

  1. Attend an orientation session where the structure, policies, and procedures of the programs offered are discussed.
  2. Submit an admission application.
  3. Submit academic evidence from previous studies or degree earned.

Every applicant to the SUAGM institutions in the State of Texas can demonstrate compliance with the admissions requirements related to prior academic experience and/or achievement by presenting the original of any of the following documents:

  • Evidence of previous credits, courses or studies documenting graduation from secondary school
  • A General Education Diploma (GED) or other diploma or graduation document
  • Certification prepared by a secondary institution or appropriate government agency, board, etc. confirming completion of secondary school or equivalent
  • Grade report

Applicants should present one or more of the original documents to the authorized institutional officer. The officer shall examine the document (s) to corroborate, in his best judgment, that it is original and has no visible alterations. If the applicant cannot leave the original document for his admission record, the officer will make a copy and certify with his initials that it is a copy from the original. In validated cases, the Campus Director or his designated representative may consider the admission of applicants who cannot present the evidence as described above but meet the following requirements:

  1. The applicant demonstrates that he/she has no reasonable access to appropriate documentation.
  2. The applicant presents a notarized declaration in which the applicant certifies that he meets the requirement of prior studies.
  3. The applicant participates in an admission interview (Puente Support Services Program and Nursing Program).
  4. The applicant must also complete an interview with the Campus Director or authorized institutional officer to evaluate compliance with the previous requirements.
  5. The applicant takes the placement tests in English and Spanish. (Students have previous studies at any of the UAGM campuses in the continental US will be exempt from this requirement). Students should contact the Student Success Center for more specific information.

Graduate General Admission


  • Successful completion of a bachelor’s degree.
  • An undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 or more.
  • Some academic programs may have specific requirements. Consult “Per Program” section.
Require documents
  • Fill out the admission application.
  • Submit official transcript (official grades certification) from the accredited university where bachelor’s degree was obtained.
  • Send by e-mail a full color front and back copy of a valid identification (government issued ID) with a photo to evidence an address where the applicant resides. This ID can be: i. Passport ii. Driver’s License iii. Citizenship card or certificate of citizenship (International Students).


    • Students interested in any of the majors in the master’s degree in Business Administration must have completed a bachelor’s degree in the same area of specialization or completed 3 credit hours in accounting. If this prerequisite is not met, the student must enroll in the course ACCO 500 (remedial). ACCO 500 will not count for the student’s cumulative grade point average. If the student does not wish to take the course, he or she must sign a waiver.

    • Have a bachelor’s degree in Education or Modern Languages from an accredited university with a minimum GPA of 2.75.
    • An interview by video conference in English.
    • An essay in English (Download the rubric here)
    • If you do not have a bachelor’s degree Education or Modern Languages, you must meet the following additional requirements:
    • A bachelor’s degree in another discipline from an accredited university with a minimum overall average of 2.75
    • 12 credits in English and 12 credits in Education


    Once admitted to a program, it is expected that a student will register consecutively each term (except summer) and maintain satisfactory academic progress. Students with satisfactory academic progress that wish to resume their studies after an interruption of one semester or more must apply for readmission and:

    1. Have a cumulative GPA that meets the retention index.
    2. Complete the required percentage of credits of the total attempted credits.
    3. Have completed the period of suspension due to academic reasons, accumulated credits or for disciplinary reasons, if applicable.
    4. Fulfill the current existing requirements of the program of study applied to, and all other general admissions requirements that apply Each student applying for readmission to the Institution will be subject to the current curriculum in effect for the program of study to which he or she is admitted. Each candidate for readmission may be subject to an interview with the Student Success Center Director or Associate Registrar.
    Admission Validity
    1. Students can only enroll in programs offered at the time of their admission or readmission.
    2. Admission or readmission to SUAGM-Universidad Ana G. Méndez- Gurabo Campus Branch Campuses will be valid for one semester of the academic year, beginning on the date it is granted.
    3. Students must fulfill the admission requirements by the dates established in the academic calendar. Applications that are not accompanied by the required documents or that do not meet the established requirements will be considered provisional applications. If the documentation is not received within the semester for which the application is submitted, the Institution may invalidate the student’s provisional admission and cancel his or her provisional application.
    Transfer Students form Other Programs or Universities
    1. The same admission, readmission or transfer requirements apply to transfer applicants.
    2. Must have passing grades in at least six (6) credits of the twelve (12) credits attempted from an accredited university. The passing grade must be “C” or above.
    3. Meet the cumulative grade point average according to the academic program requirement of our Institution.
    4. May be required to submit a digital copy of the catalog of the accredited, postsecondary institution the student is transferring from.
    5. Comply with the admission requirements for transfer as established by his/her program of choice.
    6. Compliance with all Universidad Ana G. Méndez’s rules and regulations.
    7. All students who transfer to the Institution must observe the rules of residence established.
    8. All transfer students must pass thirty (30) credits of residence, within which 12 credits must be of the concentration courses in the UAGM.
    9. To obtain honors (Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, and Summa Cum Laude) at our university, you must pass at least 60 credits of residency.