Bachelor of Arts

122 Credits

The Baccalaureate’s degree in Social work (BSW) will require the satisfactory completion of 122 credits. The general education includes 45 credits, 27 credits of required courses and 50 credits of major courses. The Social Work program has been accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).

Through these courses, students acquire the knowledge to better understand specific concepts of social work practice such as diversity, social and economic justice, oppression, discrimination, prejudice, values, ethics, and social policy, among others. Additionally, these courses strengthen their critical analysis of the impact of economic and social forces on the individual.

The BSW Program expects that these courses will provide students with a better understanding of the bio-psycho-social determinants of human development and behavior, diversity, ethics, values, as well as a broader knowledge of U.S. culture and other cultures.

Program Objectives/ Outcomes:

Based on School of Social Sciences and Communications (SSSC) objectives the Baccalaureate Program in Social Work have the following goals:

  1. Prepare competent and effective social workers with knowledge of the fundamental components of the Social Work profession; committed with the enhancement of their professional practice, and in compliance with academic and professional standards of excellence.
  2. Development of knowledge and skills in generalist social work practice from micro to mezzo to macro levels; emphasize the dimensions of diversity and value principles as applied to general practice.
  3. Prepare professional practitioners to deliver effective social work services to diverse groups and settings with a commitment to promote social and economic justice and human and civil rights.
  4. Prepare students to develop knowledge of scientific inquiry and its contribution to social work practice.
  5. Prepare students able to engage in the policy practice process capable of critically analyze the impact of social welfare policies and social services in the United States, and other societies across the World.
  6. Prepare competent professionals with education based on a body of knowledge in liberal arts and theoretical framework in human behavior and social environment.
  7. Prepare competent professionals with education based on a body of knowledge in liberal arts and theoretical framework in human behavior and social environment.

Admission Requirements

  1. Social Work Baccalaureate program admission criteria requires a minimum High School grade point average of 2.25 or equivalent.
  2. Students complying with the GPA requirement will write an essay about their interest in the social work profession in the language of their preference (English or Spanish) that will allow for the evaluation of the qualifications and aptitudes to human services, and their awareness of the community’s social problems.
  3. All applicants admitted must take English and Spanish Placement Tests. Students that do not place at college level English or Spanish are required to enroll and pass developmental language courses in either or both languages prior to enrolling in Social Work major courses.
  4. Academic credit for life experience and previous work experience shall not be given, in whole or in part, in lieu of social work courses.

BIOL 103-O Biology of Health Services

ENGL 115-O College Reading and Writing I

ENGL 116-O College Reading and Writing II

ENGL 331-O Public Speaking

SPAN 115-O Reading Writing, and the Oral Communication in Spanish I

SPAN 116-O Reading Writing, and the Oral Communication in Spanish II

SPAN 255-O Spanish for Writing and Research

MATH 120-O Introductory Algebra

SOSC 111-O Individual, Community, Government, and Social Responsibility I

SOSC 112-O Individual, Community, Government, and Social Responsibility II

HUMA 101-O World Cultures I

HUMA 102-O World Cultures II

COMP 110-O Computer and Software

QYLE 110-O Attitude Development and Adaptation (Must be taken in 1st semester of enrollment)

GEOG 202-O Human Geography

PSYC 123-O General Psychology (Compendium)

PSYC 225-O Social Psychology

HIST 273-O History of the United States of America

SOSC 303-O Applied Statistical Methods for Social Sciences

ECON 123-O Economics Principles & Problems (Compendium)

POSC 380-O Constitutional Law

SOCI 358-O Social Problems of the Hispanic Community in United States

SOWO 200-O Introduction to Social Work

SOWO 211-O Human Behavior and Social Environment I

SOWO 212-O Human Behavior and Social Environment II

SOWO 300-O Social Policy

SOWO 311-O Social Work Methodology I

SOWO 312-O Social Work Methodology II: Individual and Family

SOWO 313-O Interview and Documentation in Social Work

SOWO 314-O Social Work Methodology with Groups

SOWO 315-O Social Work Methodology with Communities

SOWO 320-O Social Research Techniques

SOWO 325-O Social Gerontology

SOWO 330-O Seminar: Current Topics in Social Work

SOWO 441-O Practicum Seminar I

SOWO 442-O Practicum Seminar II

SOWO 451-O Supervised Practice I

SOWO 452-O Supervised Practice II