Bachelor of Sciences in International Tourism and Hospitality Management

121 Credits

Offered at the Capital Area, and Dallas Area Branch Campuses

Program Description:

Upon completion of this program students learn to perform management functions through related coursework in Rooms Division Management, Revenue Management, Accounting, Hospitality Sales and Marketing, and Casino Operations among others.

Graduate's Profile/ Outcomes:

The graduate of this academic offering will be a bilingual professional prepared to perform successfully in the areas of tourism and hotel management. What sets these professionals apart is their knowledge in the field of tourism and hotel management. The graduate of this academic offer will be a:

  • Professional prepared academically and capable of performing in his workplace and contribute favorably to the development of society;
  • Leader in service management applying his knowledge and initiative to guarantee that the public obtains quality service;
  • Professional knowledgeable of policies, norms, regulations, and organizational conduct and their relationship to the tourism and hotel industry;
  • Facilitator who provides a collaborative environment so that the human resources of the organization may achieve their highest potential in their service offerings.

General Education Component:

The UNE graduate will be a citizen with a knowledge foundation of the development and behavior of the human being, modern technology, the nature and cultural manifestations and universal concerns that will allow him to:

  • help improve the quality of life of his people;
  • communicate effectively;
  • identify solutions to social problems;
  • value the roots of his culture;
  • develop an attitude of understanding and tolerance toward cultural diversity and respect for human dignity.

Through the General Education component, the student will develop the following skills to be able to:


  • Know the cultural origin and the social, economic, artistic, intellectual, and political contributions.
  • Know the humanistic contributions of diverse cultures integrating them to his reality.
  • Know the sociological, anthropological, and political theories that explain the development of societies throughout time.
  • Manage to communicate effectively in Spanish as his vernacular.
  • Manage to communicate in English as a second language.
  • Utilize mathematical concepts and procedures that are fundamental and necessary to his academic and professional performance.
  • Demonstrate general knowledge in the use of computers and their effect on various areas of society.


  • Utilize computerized information systems to introduce and analyze data, obtain information for personal and professional benefit.
  • Adequately utilize scientific equipment, instruments, and materials.


  • Value the bio-psychosocial principles that foster a greater adaptation to the personal, social, and professional world.
  • Demonstrate his sensibility to the preservation of the natural and physical environment.
  • Evaluate his code of conduct to reorient his personal and professional life.
  • Manifest conscientiousness and sensibility to human values.

Professional Component:

The graduate of the professional component of the Bachelor of Science in International Tourism and Hotel Management with majors in Marketing, Travel Agency, and Hotel Management will be able to solve problems of a quantitative and accounting nature, management theory, and economics on a basic level. Also, he will have integrated the elemental principles of management, human relations, and organizational conduct.


  • Describe the different conceptions that exist on the tourism and hotel industry existing with tourists.
  • Analyze the relationship among the factors that determine the needs of the tourism and hotel industry.
  • Apply the principles of mathematics, accounting, finance, and economics in the solution of problems.
  • Apply in an integral form the knowledge of the tourism and hotel industry and the human relations necessary to impact effectively and efficiently the provision of services to tourists.
  • Evaluate the performance of organizations as social systems in light of the theories and practices of service management.
  • Integrate the principles of planning, organization, direction, control, and evaluation of management processes as they apply to tourism services.


  • Utilize computers and their software, electronic instruments and calculators to carry out mathematical, accounting, and finance tasks.
  • Design tables, graphics, and diagrams to facilitate the organization and preservation of work performed.


  • Exhibit a proactive attitude when faced with challenges.
  • Demonstrate leadership in co-curricular, extracurricular, and professional activities.
  • Express an interest and desire for professional and personal improvement.
  • Manifest a desire and satisfaction in working in his professional area.
  • Demonstrate sensibility and empathy when considering the needs of the tourism and hotel industry.
  • Demonstrate effective and efficient integration when carrying out collaborative work.

Major Component

The graduate of the Bachelor of Science Program in International Tourism and Hotel Management with a major in Hotel Management at UNE is a bilingual professional having direct involvement with the tourism and hotel industry. The professional in this area’s chief performance is one of service. The first-level and intermediate manager is responsible for collaborating so the public has appropriate access to high quality services.


  • Distinguish the concepts, practices, and tendencies that define the management, economics, finance, accounting, and budget in the scenario of high quality service.
  • Investigate situations that arise and affect the management scenario in the tourism industry and propose remedial action.
  • Identify legislation and regulations that apply to the scenario of the tourism industry.
  • Design work models, involvement strategies, and evaluation techniques to carry out the processes proper to the management of tourism services.
  • Discriminate among different management models and establish strengths, pertinence, and applicability.


  • Utilize computers and their specialized software, electronic instruments and calculators to carry out tasks in management processes.
  • Prepare tables, graphics, and diagrams to facilitate the organization and presentation of his work research.


  • Value teamwork in collaboration and cooperation.
  • Value an atmosphere of effective, participative communication, and decision making by consensus.
  • Manifest pride and the satisfaction of working in tourism service management.
  • Demonstrate responsibility, punctuality, and diligence in the performance of his duties.
  • Value respect for professional ethics and individual and group contributions.

SCIE 111-O Integrated Science I

SCIE 112-O Integrated Science II

ENGL 115-O English Reading and Writing I

ENGL 116-O English Reading and Writing II

ENGL 331-O Public Speaking

SPAN 115-O Reading Writing, and the Oral Communication in Spanish I

SPAN 116-O Reading Writing, and the Oral Communication in Spanish II

COMP 110-O Computer and Software

SPAN 255-O Spanish for Writing and Research

HIST 273-O History of the United States of America

HUMA 101-O World Cultures I

HUMA 102-O World Cultures II

SOSC 111-O Individual, Community, Government, and Social Responsibility I

SOSC 112-O Individual, Community, Government, and Social Responsibility II

MATH 111-O Intermediate Algebra I

MATH 112-O Intermediate Algebra II

QYLE 110-O Attitude Development and University Adaptation.

ACCO 111-O Introduction to Accounting I

MANA 213-O Personnel Management

ITHM 101-OIntroduction to the Hospitality Industry

MANA 217-O International Relations

ITHM 102-O Introduction to Management in Hospitality

ITHM 115-O Tourism System

ITHM 290-O Spreadsheets and Database Applications

ITHM 280-O Guest Services

ITHM 360-O Hospitality Accounting

ITHM 365-O Labor and Hospitality Laws

ITHM 370-O Hospitality Sales and Marketing

ITHM 250-O Internship I

ITHM 300-O Rooms Division

ITHM 306-O Casino Operations

ITHM 400-O Revenue Management for Hotel Operations

ITHM 390-O Advanced Internship in Hotel Operations

ITHM 402-O Organizational Behavior in the Hospitality Industry

ITHM 460-O Capstone Course

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