Academic Plan- Campus Closure Due To Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Dear academic staff, students and faculty,

Our institution is monitoring the coronavirus situation very closely. We have finalized a plan that will allow us to continue offering our classes without the need for a physical presence in our facilities. Blackboard Collaborate, which is included in our Blackboard platform and allows a virtual classroom, is the resource that we have identified that offers this opportunity. This is the ideal tool so that the teaching-learning process is not affected.

  • General information
    • Effective Monday, March 16, classes will be held remotely via Blackboard Collaborate.
    • Computer labs will be available to those facilitators and / or students who need it, when necessary, Monday thru Friday, from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.
    • The technology staff will be available to support students and facilitators.
    Campus Name Email Office
    Metro Orlando Campus Mr. Alexander Pijuan 407-207-3363 x 1871
    South Florida Campus Mr. Hansel Rodriguez 954-885-5595 x 8506
    Tampa Bay Campus Mr. Michael Ricardo 407-207-3363 x 1875
    Capital Area Campus Mr. Alexander Pijuan 407-207-3363 x 1871
    Dallas Area Campus Mr. Ariel Ramos 954-885-5595 x 8584
    Additional Contact Mr. Ricardo Reyes 407-563-6501 x 1838
  • Practices
    • Education: The facilitator will deliver students’ observations and as schools close, the practice will be considered finished
    • Nursing:
      • Withdraw clinical students for two weeks
      • Assignments will be sent to students through the ATI platform to continue clinical hours
    • Social Work: Assignments will be focused on supervised practice that does not require attendance at any center. Among the activities to be carried out are:
      • 90 hours of indirect service, which include: writing tasks related to plans, reports, case studies, consulting, among others.
      • 60 hours in administrative processes, which include: practice meetings, professional development, investigative and volunteer work. If “In-person contact” is required, it will be performed using digital technology.
      • Project strategies will be discussed and implemented with faculty members in charge of the coordination of supervised practice.
    • Pharmacy: Pharmacy: Students who are already in compliance with State requirements (160 hours) will substitute remaining hours with a special project. The facilitator will be providing additional details in each of its sections..

We must consider the following guidelines for this process to be successful:

  • The face-to-face sections will be carried out in virtual format without altering the meeting hours or days through Blackboard Collaborate.
  • Activities in class and outside of class will continue to be carried out in the same way.
  • Faculty must provide the student with a contact option to clarify questions.
  • The faculty must pre-schedule sections in Blackboard Collaborate for this purpose, or use the official email for any exchange.
  • The official email of the institution must be used for any type of communication between student, faculty or academic administration.
  • This process will not affect nor alter the evaluations of the course activities and / or the final grade. Similarly, it will not affect the academic calendar.
  • A guide on how to use the Blackboard Collaborate resource has been designed.

We join efforts in preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. In this electronic link of our university, you can find more information about the coronavirus.

We are confident that together, as an institution, we will continue to offer a service of quality and excellence. If you have any questions, please contact your professor or the academic director of your campus. This plan will be in effect until March 30, when circumstances will be reevaluated to determine if it will be extended.