Master of Arts in Public Affairs (MA)

42 Credits

Program Description:

The curriculum is interdisciplinary, focusing on analysis of administrative processes, decision-making and the organization of public and private institutions at the local, national and the international levels. It provides students with a solid education, which will enable them to plan, design and evaluate programs and services in the public administration field and particularly in the areas of criminal justice, human services, conflict mediation, and the arts. It fosters broad and programmatic responsibility and leadership.

Program Objectives

  1. Offer students the professional tools to meet the challenges of public administration.
  2. Develop competent professionals with effective leadership in the implementation of programs and services in Florida and the United States.
  3. Upgrade the professional preparation of administrative personnel in public and private agencies, enabling them to explore and utilize effective strategies in the decision making process.

MSPA 500-O Theory, Practice, and Change in the Administration of Public Policy

MSPA 505-O Computer Education for Public Administrators

MSPA 510-O Research and Quantitative Method in Public Administration

MSPA 520-O Administrative Law and Ethics

MSPA 530-O Planning and Evaluation: Theories, Methods, and Techniques

MSPA 540-O Seminar: Planning, Development, and Evaluation of Human Resources

MSPA 550-O Fiscal Resources Management

FORS 730-O Forensic Investigation and Identification Techniques

FORS 735-O Investigation and Gathering Evidence at Crime Scene

FORS 740-O Forensic Photography and Drawing

FORS 745-O Expert Witness in Court

FORS 750-O Examination of Questioned Documents

MSPA 710-O Research Seminar in Public Affairs

MSPA 720-O Practicum in Public Affairs

FORS 760-O Forensic Psychology

FORS 762-O Cellular and Molecular Biology Applied to Forensic Sciences

FORS 763-O Techniques on Handling Samples

CRJU 630-O Organizations and Administrative Techniques of the Police System

CRJU 635-O Mental Health and the Law

CRJU 640-O Addiction Problems: Legal and Psycho-Social Aspects

*Language skills in English and in Spanish will be assessed with a placement test. Additional language courses may be needed according to the student’s scores in placement tests. If students qualify for Preparatory Language Courses or developmental Language Courses, they must enroll in the courses immediately to increase academic performance in the language. Students must abide with the minimum required hours and policies set by the state and local education agencies for practicum experiences. Students must comply with state and local education certification requirements for the degree, as applicable.