Section 1

An identification card shall be issued to every student officially enrolled. This card shall evidence the status as student of the institution and, as such, the right to be on campus, classrooms, hallways, library, and other dependencies,and to receive the corresponding teaching and administrative services.

Section 2

Students must carry such identification card at all times and show it to any professor, officer or staff of the institution wanting to see it, as protection. In the absence of an identification card, the student must present a duly validated class program and a personal identification with photo.

Section 3

The Campus Director may require the return of identification cards by students who lose their status as “officially enrolled student” at the institution.

Section 4

The possession, alteration, use or intent to use of an identification card by any person other than the one in whose name the card was issued shall be considered an unauthorized use of such card. The person involved in such practice shall be subject to penalties by the institution and to the confiscation of the identification card by institution officials, among others.