Our Discipline-Based Dual Language Immersion Model ® has seven basic elements that, together, guarantee the success of bilingual education: Use Of Both Languages Language Development Language Arts Domains Placement Testing Language Course Sequence E-Lab Bilingual Faculty and Staff

Use of Both Languages in Content Courses

All courses follow a strict design whereby 50% of all learning occurs in English and 50% in Spanish. Faculty uses just one language in each workshop; the language assigned for the class in the instructional module. The only exception is for Language Courses since they are taught entirely either in English or Spanish.

Language Development Across the Curriculum

In addition to the learning objectives of the discipline, language objectives are incorporated and applied every week. The learning assessment is structured so that the student's grades reflect 30 percent for proficiency in language skills and 70 percent for knowledge and application of course content. Language incorporation allows students to develop their language skills, both in English and Spanish, while gaining an advanced degree in the field of study they chose.

Systematic Distribution of Language Arts Domains

In designing the course, special attention is given to ensuring that students have the opportunity to develop the four language domains: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

Placement Testing

Upon entering the program, all students must complete a placement test in both languages ​​to determine if they need to reinforce their language skills.

Language Course Sequence

In addition to language development in all courses, all degrees include language enhancement courses. Students are assigned to these language courses based on scores obtained in the language placement tests.


In addition to formal classroom work, students have access to web-based resources that facilitate learning in both languages, electronic programs to maximize language skills, resources to reinforce content and writing, and other instructional materials that are available through our Virtual Libraries for Carolina, Cupey, and Gurabo.

Bilingual Faculty & Staff in a Multicultural Environment

All faculty and administrative staff are bilingual, ensuring that students receive support services in their preferred language. Although faculty members use only one language at a time during classes, they speak both languages ​​to provide an environment in which students feel free to ask questions and seek advice. Both facilitators and staff have intensive professional development opportunities to ensure that they have the necessary skills to meet the specific needs of students in a bilingual environment.