Section 1

The norms of institutional order as well as the disciplinary proceedings and the regulations of the institution shall be made known and observed by the whole student body, and ignorance of the same shall not exempt them from compliance.

Section 2

The provisions of these regulations shall be adapted to the particular circumstances and applicable laws of the university campuses. Changes, should they be necessary, shall be recommended by the administrator in charge of each campus, approved by the Administrative Council, and published within the university community, according to the version that applies to each campus.

Section 3

With the purpose of keeping students notified of important communications in the university community, they shall keep the Registrar’s Office duly informed of their up-to-date local and permanent addresses, keeping in mind that communications addressed to the students’ address of record shall constitute adequate notification.

Section 4

These Student Regulations are complemented with information contained in the Institutional Catalog and other documents that govern institutional life.

Section 5

Any method or act of initiation to a group or individual is prohibited if such act may inflict harm and subject another person, voluntarily or involuntarily, to abuse, humiliation, physical or psychological harassment or intimidation, to gain entry or acceptance to a group or organization. Examples of these practices include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Requiring behavior from a student that would mean incurring in acts or conduct contrary to institutional policy;
  2. Forcing or requiring unnecessary physical activity or exercise;
  3. Forcing or requiring isolation for a protracted period or unnecessary exposure to the elements;
  4. Physical abuse, including hitting the person being initiated;
  5. Depriving a person of sleep, study time, or the ability or opportunity of communicating with others;
  6. Requiring the use of ridiculous, excessively gaudy, shameful or uncomfortable clothing, or carrying unusual objects;
  7. Forcing and requiring the consumption of alcohol or any other liquid, solid matter, or gases, and the use of drugs or controlled substances
  8. Forbidding the person being initiated to carry out his/her personal hygiene.