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Welcome Message

Universidad Ana G. Méndez, fulfilling its commitment to offer higher education alternatives to different publics and in the best interest of serving the needs of the Hispanic community in the United States, began in 2003 to offer bilingual education alternatives for Adults at the Orlando Metro Campus. At the Orlando Campus we currently have more than 1,400 students and offer more than 25 different Academic Programs. Later, a new campus was established in South Florida, located in the Miramar area, where we now have more than 900 students. The newest campus, was established in the Tampa Bay area in 2010 and currently has more than 400 students.

Under the laws of Puerto Rico the SUAGM is composed of three Universities accredited by the "Middle States"; Ana G. Méndez University (Gurabo), Ana G. Méndez University (Cupey), and Ana G. Méndez University (Carolina). The Ana G. Méndez University is the second largest private university in Puerto Rico with more than 60 years of established and more than 42,000 students. These Universities are the ones that award the degree for the variety of Academic Programs that we currently offer in the United States.

A new campus in Maryland, "Capital Area Campus", was recently inaugurated and we are continuing growth and expansion plans to offer new bilingual (English and Spanish) academic programs that support and serve the needs of the Hispanic community in the United States and provide New alternatives to traditional daytime programs for newly graduated high school students beginning in August 2013.

Mission & Vision

The South Florida Campus is organized to Implement the Discipline – Based Dual Language Education at the university level in South Florida. This campus serves a culturally diverse community of students, offering academic programs and personalized services of quality, meeting the needs of the adult learner.

Our Principles

As part of its philosophy, Ana G. Mendez University, abides by the principle of equal educational opportunities for their students on our three institutions: Ana G. Méndez University (Carolina), Ana G. Méndez University (Gurabo), and Ana G. Méndez University (Cupey).

With this guiding principle, the University obtains, receives, and administers a variety of financial aid funds in the form of grants, college work study and loans for students that have financial need and are eligible. The student aid funds are provided by Federal and State governments, the Institution, and from donations of the private sector.

Our Institution distributes these funds as efficiently as possible, benefitting a student with as many types of financial assistance programs as is eligible for to meet the costs of obtaining his academic goal.

The Financial Aid Portal of Ana G. Mendez University provides the policies and procedures that guide us in the distribution of funds, according to the regulations that apply. It also gives the student instructions for applying to financial aid, including how to complete the Free Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA) required for access to any federal financial assistance. Other relevant norms, policies and regulations that students should be aware of are also included.

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Norms, Policy & Security Regulations

The Ana G Mendez University has an institutional policy of promoting a risk-free work and study environment, protected against health and security hazards. We promote respect and welfare for the whole university community.